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Las Cruces is fortunate to miss out on most of the cold weather that plagues other regions in the winter months, but that doesn’t mean that your car is entirely safe from winter damage. Especially during the holiday season, when you may find yourself traveling to colder climates to visit family, you may fall afoul of winter weather. But don’t worry – ABC Paint & Body can get your car looking good as new before
The Internet is full of “hacks” for every aspect of your life, and auto care is no exception. While every car owner should take some time to learn the basics of auto maintenance, you should be careful when it comes to do-it-yourself repairs. Some basic things, like changing your own oil or replacing burnt-out headlight bulbs, can be mastered with some research and practice. Other things, like dent repair and auto painting, should always be
Halloween is a night of costumes, candy and fun for everyone, but one person’s idea of fun could mean you’re spending a morning of scrubbing shaving cream off of your car. Pranks go hand in hand with masked festivities, but if you take a few steps to protect your car, you can escape the eggs and Silly String! Invest in a Car Cover Car covers are usually used to protect against rain, UV exposure and
It’s not just for show; the paint on your car is the first line of defense between the elements and the car’s frame. When paint chips, peels or flakes, that lets sun damage and rust begin to erode the car’s base structure. With sun exposure being inevitable and flying gravel a danger when driving, how do you protect your paint job so it can keep protecting your car? Waxing is Your Best Protection In early
Basic maintenance is something that’s just standard before a road trip. Oil changes, checking tire pressure, making sure the brakes are good to go. What about taking the extra step and giving your favorite RV a summer makeover? Finding an auto shop that can handle giving an RV a new paint job is difficult enough. Putting your RV in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing can be even harder. You want to
Nothing makes a car look run down faster than shabby-looking paint. Faded and peeling paint is an eyesore, and it also makes your car vulnerable to damage. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect the life of your car’s paint job – and when repainting becomes necessary, you have ABC Paint & Body available to handle the job! Why Damaged Paint is a Problem Cars aren’t just painted to look nice. The
  Keeping your automobile in safe, working condition requires routine maintenance to prevent more costly problems from developing later down the road. At ABC Paint & Body, we offer full-service repair solutions to keep your vehicles in good working condition. We handle things like: Heating and Cooling Repair The heating and cooling systems in most automobiles can wear out over time, so it is important to regularly inspect these systems during routine maintenance. Since our
When you’re researching body shops for collision repair, one term that probably comes up often is “cycle time.” What is this, and why does it matter to you? Simply put, cycle time is the amount of time between the moment a car comes into the shop until it’s sent home, fully repaired. It’s a figure that’s very important to drives, because it tells them how quickly they can expect to get back in their cars
Choosing a vehicle to purchase has a number of variables, and one of the variables most people will mention when asked why they chose that particular car is the color. Not only do we look at the basic color, but we also consider the specific color and any enhancements within the paint, because Camaro metal-flake white just isn’t the same as Mustang white. When an accident occurs and a car’s paint is damaged, one of