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Maintenance Tips for RVs

An RV is a major investment, one that offers a great deal of joy to owners. As a result, proper maintenance is a must to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment out of your vehicle.

Some types of RV maintenance must be performed on a monthly basis, while others take place only once per year. The following are some general RV maintenance tips so you can rest assured that your investment lasts as long as possible.

Check Weather Seals

Seals on doors and windows prevent the outside elements from making their way into the vehicle. Seals prevent water damage, mold growth, and make sure the interior of the vehicle remains comfortable all year long. Seals can break down over time, as they may become cracked or brittle. Perform a visual inspection of all seals on a monthly basis and repair them if you see any obvious damage.

Run the Generator

If you have a gas generator, it should be run at least once per month to prevent the fuel from spoiling during the off-season. If you plan on storing the vehicle for an extended length of time, adding a fuel stabilizer is also recommended. Fuel stabilizers bind with gas and prevent it from evaporating while sitting in a tank unused.

Have Brakes Serviced

Yearly brake inspections are an essential aspect of on-the-road safety. It’s better to discover possible issues early before more damaging effects can occur. Brake inspections entail a check of the assembly, fluid, lines, and pedal, among many other components.

Test Smoke Alarms and Other Safety Equipment

Because RVs have areas for cooking and sleeping, smoke alarms must be installed inside. Monthly tests are recommended, which are as simple as pressing the test button and listening for the alarm. While smoke alarms can last up to ten years in many cases, batteries should be replaced on a yearly basis.

Have Propane Storage Inspected

Improperly stored propane is a potential safety issue since the fuel is combustible. Check out your equipment regularly to look for damage to the tank as well as any connections. You should also schedule an inspection by a propane professional at least once a year, who will be able to provide a comprehensive assessment.

Deep Clean the Interior

Deep cleaning of the interior is recommended about two times a year. Before putting the vehicle in storage, be sure to vacuum the floors, wipe down surfaces, sanitize the bathroom, and remove all food from cabinets. Before summer rolls around, perform another deep cleaning session to prepare the vehicle for your next big trip. Deep cleaning prevents the interior from degrading and makes for a more pleasant experience when riding in the RV.

Where to Turn for Automotive Maintenance for Your RV

When seeking RV repair and maintenance in Las Cruces, you must work with skilled and experienced auto mechanics. In addition to our extensive experience in automotive repair, ABC Paint & Body is also equipped to service RVs.

We’re well-versed in the unique makeup of these vehicles, so you can rest assured of quality work. We can also tackle exterior auto body repairs to ensure your RV looks amazing for as long as possible. Call (575) 524-2004 to schedule service or contact us for more information.