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Paintless Dent Repair

While dents and dings aren’t detrimental to the vehicle’s performance, they are unsightly – and they can eventually lead to further damage if the paint job begins to crack or flake around the dent. Rather than let a small flaw turn into major problems, let ABC Paint & Body’s paintless dent repair preserve your car and your wallet. We can handle many small dents without needing to break the factory finish on your vehicle’s paint job.

Repairing Dents, Dings and Scratches

As simple as it may look to simply push the inside of the dented panel out to restore the surface, reaching that panel can be more complicated than you’d think. There are many layers involved in a car’s construction, and a dent on the door can mean the inner lining has to be removed, the panels detached and mechanical parts moved before the exterior panel can be attended to.

Depending on the location of the damage, paintless dent repair can take considerable knowledge of how a car is constructed. We also have access to special tools that can enable us to pop out small dents without even removing the affected panel. Let us take a look at your vehicle and determine the best dent removal option for you.

Focused Cycle Time for Quick Service

Our ASE certified technicians can accomplish dent removal regardless of where the dent is located, and one of the benefits of paintless dent repair is the low cost. There are no replacement parts or painting necessary, so your vehicle can be in and out of the shop quickly.

ABC Paint & Body has served the Las Cruces area for over a decade, and we take every job– even small paintless dent removal jobs– seriously. Our reputation as a reliable business depends on customer satisfaction, and your business has helped us become the largest independently owned auto repair shop in the area. Contact us today for a free estimate or to make an appointment for vehicle repairs.

Got a few dents and dings?

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