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An auto accident is more than just a dented fender or scraped paint. It's time out of your life to handle insurance claims, find a reputable auto repair shop and be without a car until the repairs are finished. It’s also money out of your pocket.

With everything involved in handling the results of an accident, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is insurance paperwork or whether or not the auto repair shop that is recommended by their company is able to give quick, quality repairs. ABC Paint & Body, locally owned and operated for over a decade, is able to provide those quick, quality repairs and more.

When Accidents Happen...

Did you get an estimate from your insurance company? We accept all insurance estimates, regardless of who is handling your coverage, and we're able to work with any insurance company. We’re also members of the direct repair program (DRP) for several major insurers. This streamlines the process, eliminating hassles and paperwork for you and reducing the time it takes to get a vehicle repaired.

Collision repair is our specialty: With up-to-date technology available, we can identify damage to your car's frame, return it to the appropriate shape and repair your vehicle for maximum safety and functionality. We also handle bumper damage, dents, repainting and any other body work you may need to get you back on the road after an accident.

...Let Us Handle the Details.

ABC Paint & Body offers free repair estimates with no appointment necessary. If your insurance company has already provided an estimate, you don't have to spend your time waiting for us to make another - we will work from any insurance estimate.

Unnecessary shop fees can bulk up a bill, especially in the hands of corporate auto body shops that are looking at their bottom line. We do what has to be done to ensure you get exactly what you need, without nickel and diming you with extra expenses.

We ensure that a vehicle is thoroughly inspected before repairs begin. Hidden damages lead to supplemental estimates and delays; why waste your time when we can get it done all at once?

If you're looking for repair for your RV, we're the only auto body shop in Las Cruces with a paint booth made to accommodate RVs.

And once your vehicle is repaired, you can stay with us for your routine maintenance and mechanical work as well. Our customers trust in our expertise, and we value the opportunity to take care of the Las Cruces drivers in our community. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to get your car back on the road.

ABC Paint & Body can provide you with everything you need to get your car back and in your hands! Contact us today to get started