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Bumper Repair

The purpose of bumpers is to keep damage away from the safety features of your vehicle, such as headlights and brake lights, as well as to protect important parts like the hood, the fenders and interior systems. Most people never think about how important bumpers really are, but we’re all grateful for them when a fender bender involves nothing more than a cracked bumper.

Cracked bumpers, however, require repair, and ABC Paint & Body is ready to provide it.

The Process of Bumper Repair

Most bumpers are reinforced with metal and have a protective plastic covering. When damage occurs, the plastic generally cracks or breaks, requiring specialized repair or replacement. Some vehicles, like most pickup trucks, have bare metal bumpers, which also require some special attention to remove dents and damage.

No matter what type of bumper you have, repairing it requires knowledge and experience to ensure that the new bumper is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. A bumper protects your car; proper repairs help it do its job.

Let a Professional Do the Work

ABC Paint & Body is ASE and ICAR certified, and our technicians know how to handle any bumper repair job that comes into our shop. Whether you have one of the older vehicles with sheet metal bumpers or a newer car sporting plastic bumpers, we can handle dents, cracks, rips and even missing bumpers if necessary.

Fixing a plastic bumper requires grinding, sanding, sculpting and painting; metal bumpers need to be smoothed out, sanded, filled and painted. Even the simplest part of the vehicle deserves professional attention for the important job it does. Our bumper repair will help you keep this part of your vehicle in tip-top shape and ready to protect the more delicate (and expensive!) parts of your car.

Whether you need an estimate or you have one fresh in hand from your insurance company, we can help you. ABC Paint & Body specializes in collision repair, from replacing damaged panels to bumper repair. Contact our expert, certified shop today and we’ll make sure you drive away satisfied.

Call (575) 524-2004 today and speak to our qualified staff about estimates and repair for even the simplest parts of your vehicle.