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Brake Inspection

Functional brakes can be the difference between a momentary scare and a serious collision. As an auto body repair shop, we specialize in collision repair – but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to do our part to prevent accidents from happening! A yearly brake inspection can go a long way toward keeping you safe on the road, and that’s why ABC Paint & Body offers brake checks and repair services.

Is it Time for Brake Repair?

Whether your brakes are squeaking or you just like to have a yearly brake check done for peace of mind, ABC Paint & Body can give you a brake inspection and tell you exactly what needs attention. Malfunctioning brakes can result in collisions that cost you time and money at the very least; you want to ensure that when you hit the brake pedal, your brakes are able to respond instantly. And if we do discover that your brakes need servicing, we have the tools and the staff available to make short work of your brake repair or replacement.

What Happens in a Brake Inspection?

From the thickness of brake pads to the amount of exposed rivets on brake shoes, every part of the brake system is inspected. During a full brake check, your brake fluid is inspected and measured, rotors (or drums) are measured and the lines, cylinders and calipers are all examined. Every part of the system has to be looked at during a brake inspection to ensure that this life-saving part of your vehicle will work as it’s meant to when you need it.

We’ve served the Las Cruces area for over a decade and we understand that not only do you have the right to know exactly what’s going on with your car, you also have the right to feel confident that your brake inspection was done thoroughly, quickly and honestly. ABC Paint & Body makes our living on handling collision repair, but we’ll be the first to help you prevent those collisions from ever happening. Call us today for a service appointment!

When was the last time you had your brakes inspected?

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