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Auto Refinishing

When it comes to auto refinishing, every step is important for a smooth final product. From the initial preparation of the area to the final top coat, the process requires attention to detail, knowledgeable handling and the appropriate equipment.

Improperly done auto refinishing can lead to flaking paint, exposed metal and rust. The last thing anyone needs is having auto refinishing done only to discover months later that it’s now turned into a larger problem area than it initially was. ABC Paint & Body has a clear stance on auto refinishing: We only do it once because we do it properly the first time.

Attention to Every Detail

From the initial cleaning of the affected area to the final polishing of the top coat, we ensure that every step in the process is completed properly before going on to the next. Our computerized paint matching camera is a marvel of technology, but unless the precisely selected paint color is being applied to a surface which has been cleaned, sanded and prepared for it, you’re not going to get the finished product you want.

Paint that hasn’t been applied in a clean environment could end up with dirt causing integrity issues and rough surfacing. A panel that hasn’t been cleaned and sanded could cause paint to bubble. Every step is as important as the one before it, and we take pride in our attention to detail.

Experience Counts

As the city’s largest independently owned auto body shop, we don’t have the corporate approach of doing everything possible to inflate our bottom line. When it comes to our customers, we understand that they’re as much a part of the community as we are.

A vehicle is an investment and you want your hard-earned money to be spent on a machine that performs well and looks good. With ABC Paint & Body’s expertise and customer-oriented method of business, we can ensure that any auto refinishing you need is done to your full satisfaction. Give us a call< and we’ll get you in our shop as soon as you can drive down.

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