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Vehicle Air Conditioner Repair

As any resident of Las Cruces knows, air conditioning is as necessary as running water for living comfortably. The Southwest’s beautiful scenery comes with the desert heat, and driving with the windows down will only get you so far.  ABC Paint & Body has the expertise and technology to offer car air conditioning repair at competitive prices.

Heaters, Too

Although the desert heat is legendary, our winters can get pretty chilly too. If your car heater has been neglected all year due to the usual desert climate, you’ll be due for an unwelcome surprise when autumn sets in. ABC Paint & Body knows exactly how useful a car heater is when a surprise frost shows up in late October!

Repairs and Maintenance

While our specialty is in collision repair, ABC Paint & Body is focused on providing what Las Cruces needs. One of those needs is car air conditioning repair. Whether your radiator has been damaged in a collision or the air conditioner has just stopped working, you don’t want to be caught without A/C in a Las Cruces summer!

For car heating and cooling system repairs – whether they’re part of a collision repair or just something you need handled on their own – trust ABC Paint & Body to get the work done quickly and efficiently. We’ll make the repairs you need for a car that will keep you comfortable all year long. Call us today for a free estimate.

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