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Fast & Efficient Repair

When you’ve taken your car in for repairs, you don’t want to be waiting for weeks on end. Fast, efficient repair goes hand in hand with quality, and an auto body repair shop that doesn’t uphold that gives others a bad reputation. This is why ABC Paint & Body works tirelessly to maintain our standards of customer service and provide efficient repairs.

The Wait Time

Our attention to focused cycle time is what lets us provide fast service without sacrificing quality. Rather than your car being left in the parking lot for weeks on end, ABC Paint & Body works on a cycle time that has your vehicle being given daily attention. No auto body repair should take months to complete when knowledgeable technicians are hard at work.

Doing It Right the First Time

Auto body repair means attention to details as well as knowing exactly what needs to be done to complete the repair in a timely manner. ABC Paint & Body does a thorough examination of the vehicle before beginning, utilizing our computerized technology to help us locate problem areas that might not be visible to the naked eye. Doing a thorough tear-down and estimate from the start saves us from needing to stop the repairs process to order more parts or send supplement requests to your insurance company.

Our focus on efficiency extends outside of auto body repair and into customer service. You shouldn’t have to spend more time getting yet another estimate if your insurance company has already provided one. We accept every insurance estimate. Do you not know if you’ll be able to make an appointment to get an estimate? We offer free estimates with no appointment needed. If you have the time to come see us, we have the time to see you.

ABC Paint & Body is proud to have served the Las Cruces area for over a decade, and as the largest independently owned auto body repair shop in the city, we have a reputation of quality to maintain. This is why your satisfaction is our goal; you are our business. Call us today to learn more!

If you want assurance of efficient, quality repair, call (575) 524-2004 today and speak to our experienced staff.