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How to Prevents Dents and Dings in Parking Lots

There’s nothing more frustrating than coming out of a store to find your vehicle has been dented in the parking lot. If you’re lucky, the driver responsible for the damage will leave a note with their name and insurance info. In most cases, the person simply disappears and leaves you to deal with the damage, along with the cost for repair.

While you have little control over the behavior of others, there are steps you can take to protect your vehicle. Here are a few things you can do to avoid dents and dings when your vehicle is in a parking lot.

Park in a Secluded Area of the Lot

The fewer cars surrounding you, the less likely it is your vehicle will be damaged. Parking far away from other vehicles can be a real hassle, but it can spare you the headache of dealing with an unfortunate dent. It’s also a great way to get a little exercise.

Scope Out the Vehicle You’re Parking Next To

Vehicles with car seats pose a greater risk of dents and dings. This is because the doors on these vehicles must be fully extended for the child to be strapped in properly. If you see car seats, keep look for another space to avoid damage.

Stay Within the Lines

Lines are there for a reason. When everyone stays within the lines in a parking lot, dents are less likely. If you emerge from your vehicle and find that you’re a little too close to one side, take the time to adjust.

Park in a Covered Lot

Damage to your vehicle can have other causes, including hail. If a hailstorm is severe enough, it can cause massive dents to the body of your car or truck. If you anticipate bad weather and there’s an option to park in a covered lot, don’t pass it up.

We Can Help with Dents and Dings

Even taking the above steps might not be enough to spare your vehicle from damage. When dents occur, ABC Paint & Body is here to provide fast and efficient service. Our body shop technicians have the skill and expertise to tackle all types of damage, from minor dents to major overhauls. We also offer auto repair services, including brake inspections.

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