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How to Tell If Your Car Needs New Brakes

Out of all the vehicle components that require regular maintenance, brakes are most important. Without your braking system, you’ll be unable to safely operate your vehicle, which increases your risk of a damaging accident. While regular maintenance stops problems before they start, you should also lookout for the following signs.

Lack of Responsiveness

Most drivers get accustomed to the feel of their brakes pretty quickly. That makes it abundantly clear when brakes are less responsive. For example, the pedal might feel like it’s sinking too deep into the floor. It may also feel like braking action is delayed after depressing the brake, which is definitely alarming. Response issues can be caused by a leak in the brake hose, or by a fluid leak. If your brakes are leaking fluid, you’ll probably notice a puddle under your vehicle.

High-Pitched Squealing

Brakes have a built-in alert system to let you know when a replacement is needed. As brake pads wear down, the indicator emits a high-pitched squeal to let you know you’re in need of a replacement. Getting pads replaced as you soon as you hear this noise prevents more damage from occurring.


If you continue to ignore the high-pitched squeal coming from your brakes, you’ll be introduced to a brand-new noise soon enough: grinding. When you hear grinding, that means the pads are completely worn down and metal is rubbing against metal when you brake. Metal on metal also damages rotors, which might even need to be replaced if you don’t get your pads replaced as soon as possible.

Pulling to One Side

When vehicles pull to one side or another while driving, the problem is usually caused by a misalignment. When your vehicle pulls while braking, unevenly worn brake linings could be to blame. Your brake fluid may also be contaminated with sediment and other debris, which also affects braking. In this case, schedule an adjustment and/or brake fluid replacement as soon as possible.

When you notice the above issues, it’s time to schedule a brake inspection. In Albuquerque, ABC Paint & Body is known for their quality service, repair expertise, and efficient process. Our brake inspections entail a comprehensive evaluation of every component, from pads to rotors. With our help, you can rest assured your vehicle is safe and secure when driving. Call 575-524-2004 to schedule an inspection. You can also contact us for more information.