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Signs Your Car Needs Brake Service

Routine brake service is a must to ensure you can stop your vehicle effectively when needed. Consider how much stress brakes are subjected to on daily basis, and it’s easy to see why prompt attention is so important.

Along with a yearly inspection, you should also know the signs of possible brake issues. While some are pretty obvious, others may be harder to detect. The following are a few things to lookout for to ensure your vehicle is safe for yourself and your family.

Strange Noises When Braking or Driving

Hearing a grinding noise when braking is rarely a good thing. It could point to worn brake pads, which means the sound you’re hearing is metal grinding on metal. Worn brake pads can also cause a squealing noise while the vehicle is in motion, which is caused by the metal indicators rubbing against brake rotors. This sound signals the need for new brake pads.

Changes in Pedal Resistance

A “soft brake” refers to a brake pedal that doesn’t have the proper resistance when pressed. Soft brakes are sometimes caused by fluid leaks, as leaking fluid also causes a loss of hydraulic pressure within the system. If air or moisture infiltrates the braking system, it can also lead to decreased pedal resistance. A soft brake pedal should receive immediate service, as it could compromise the ability to stop your vehicle.

A Harsh, Chemical Odor

If your parking brake is still engaged while driving, it can cause the braking system to overheat. In this case, pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so and disengage the parking brake. If the parking brake is not engaged and it still smells like something is burning, the problem could stem from your brake calipers. Calipers can sometimes become stuck, which results in an unmistakable burning odor.

The Brake Light Comes On

Modern vehicles alert drivers to possible issues via dashboard lights. While none of these alerts should ever be ignored, taking swift action when a brake light comes on is crucial. You might just be due for an inspection, which will alert you of any potential brake issues before they get worse. The system may also detect a defect in your braking, which should be addressed as soon as possible.

We Care About Your Safety Behind the Wheel

Whether you recognize one of the above signs or feel it’s time for a brake inspection, Las Cruces drivers can trust in the service provided by ABC Paint & Body. In addition to our excellent paint and body shop, we also offer brake inspections that go over every conceivable component of your braking system.

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