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Even minor collisions can cause a large amount of stress and headache in the aftermath. Unfortunately, you may be adding to this stress if you choose not to have your vehicle professionally inspected after being involved in an accident. Sure, you tell yourself that the crash was minor, and your vehicle appears to be driving fine. But how do you really know there isn’t serious underlying damage? It’s better to be safe than sorry in
Whether you’re buying a new car or considering a change in auto insurance, understanding your coverage options is essential to getting the type of coverage you need without overpaying or setting yourself up to pay a lot more than your monthly premium when the times comes for collision repairs. Where to Start: Identify Your Needs To determine what type of coverage will meet your requirements and ensure you are adequately covered, you need to think
You’ve probably painted rooms in your home, maybe even painted the exterior. No one bats an eye when you DIY your home. But, when it comes to auto body paint, you are warned never to “try this at home.” So, what is it about the auto refinishing process that makes it so specialized? What is the technician doing besides applying a few coats? ABC Paint & Body has the answers. Obstacles on The Road to
While you ran into the store, someone banged your car door with a shopping cart leaving a small ding…or, your car was parked outside during a hail storm, and now there’s some damage. Annoying for sure, but not a big deal…right? Unfortunately, small dings and scratches can become big problems for you and your wallet later if not taken care of. How Small Dings Make Big Problems How can something as small as a dent
When you bring your car to ABC Paint & Body for collision repair, our experience and attention to detail ensure that your car looks as good as new. So, how can you keep it looking that way? We have a few tips to keep your car’s new paint job looking beautiful. As the city’s largest independently owned auto body shop, we know a thing or two about protecting your car’s shiny, new paint. We suggest
Getting into an auto accident is stressful enough. You don’t want to add more hassle and stress by being without your vehicle longer than absolutely necessary or risking poor quality repairs that just cause more problems later. ABC Paint & Body offers top-quality repairs and customer service. We are completely transparent about our repair process, so you know what to expect every step of the way. Step One: The Estimate When you bring or have
Spring is almost here, but winter isn’t quite over yet—there’s always a chance for one last snowstorm or sudden temperature dips that can deflate your tires. So, now is the time to prepare your car for spring while still ensuring you can take that last bit of whatever winter throws at you. Here’s what the pros at ABC Paint & Body suggest: Check and Replace Fluid Levels During a winter storm or a wet spring
Even during mild Las Cruces winters, you don’t need your AC. But, did you know that your AC can still be useful in the winter…as a defroster? Your AC is effective for windshield defrosting with or without your heated defroster on. Frost and Your Windshield You don’t need to defrost your windshield every morning it’s cold—only on mornings when there has been enough moisture in the air to collect and freeze on your windshield. It’s
Every time you go to the pump, you are faced with something of a dilemma—regular or premium? You want to pay less, of course, but is that going to cost you in the long run? To find the right fuel for your car, you have to consider more than price. Understanding the Difference in Fuel Grades Most gas pumps in the US have three different grades—regular, midgrade and premium (sometimes call Ultra, Super Ultra, Super
It’s everyone’s nightmare—car trouble, especially in traffic…or the cold. Your goal is to keep yourself and your passengers safe, and that typically requires avoiding other motorists and unexpected obstacles that may come along. ABC Paint & Body has a few tips to keep you safe when your car fails: Ease Out of Traffic Take your foot off the gas pedal but don’t brake suddenly. Ease your car off to the right side of the road,