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Following most accidents, particularly those involving you and another driver, insurance gets involved. Usually, a claim is filed with the at-fault party’s insurer, adjusters assess the damage, a check is cut and then you get the necessary repairs. But what happens when insurance won’t cover your collision repair costs? ABC Paint & Body has some ideas to help you restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition when you’re footing the bill. Why Insurance May Not Cover
Any auto body shop can technically fix collision damage, but that doesn’t mean that all shops are created equal. When you need auto body repair, ABC Paint & Body is your best choice because do the “behind the scenes” work to ensure the best repair results and customer experience. #1: Advanced Technology and Certifications Today’s cars are not built like your dad’s or your grandad’s car, so they can’t be fixed like classic vehicles. Modern
An auto accident, no matter how minor, is stressful. Yet, to effectively handle injuries and property damage without facing a lot of out-of-pocket expenses requires that, to the best of your ability, you stay calm and focused. One way to improve your response is to know before you ever have an accident the best way to deal with the situation. So, here’s a brief overview from crash event to vehicle repair: Attend to Your Safety
ABC Paint & Body is a one-stop shop for most of your automotive needs—collision repair and mechanical maintenance. Our technicians are highly trained, so you can rely on our auto repair services. Many vehicle owners in the greater Las Cruces area prefer us for routine maintenance. Here’s just a sample of what we offer beyond collision repair: Brake Inspections and Maintenance Brakes are, perhaps, the single most important safety feature on your vehicle. So, they
Technological advances in the automotive industry can improve your vehicle’s performance, driver and passenger comfort and make your car look way cooler! Color-changing paint is where technology and automotive aesthetics meet to eye-dazzling effects. Magnetic Technology So, some quick color basics. Color is the perception of various wavelengths of light on the visible spectrum. We perceive color when a specific wavelength is reflected—i.e., that light energy is not absorbed or conducted through the surface. In
Winter’s cold temperatures and salty road grime can damage your car. To keep your car’s exterior in good shape and running at peak efficiency, you need to take some time to un-winterize your car. Here’s how you can get your car ready for spring: Top Off Your Fluids Winter road conditions often result in your windshield being coated with another car’s tire off-spray. So, likely you’ve gone through quite a bit of wiper fluid. Now’s
If you haven’t needed auto body repair done recently, you’re lucky. But then you may also be absolutely shocked at the cost of repairs. Today’s modern cars use some high-tech materials, and even seemingly minor damage could affect major structural components and/or frame alignment, and that drives up the cost. Still, if you are reeling from a high car repair cost estimate and think you might need a second opinion, chances are you probably do.
Picture this: your car has a gorgeous new paint job—limited edition colors, racing stripes, the works. You want to keep it in cherry condition as long as possible; after all, your car’s paint job is more than just a pretty exterior—it’s the first line of defense for the body of your car against environmental damage. To keep your paint job looking like your car is fresh out of the paint booth, here’s what to do:
For just about any car enthusiast, there is that one late model that captures the imagination. The dream of owning it becomes an obsession. So, when you chance upon that classic vehicle, do you want to lovingly invest your own blood, sweat and tears, or should you entrust the job to a professional restoration shop? Here are some things to consider: Your Skill If you are an experienced auto restorer, then you probably have no
An experienced professional can give your car a whole new look, but the journey to a complete care makeover is not always an easy one. There are a lot of things to consider including the cost and time it will take to complete the process. However, if you are committed updating the look of your vehicle with a new color and coat, then understanding the entire process might help you decide to bring your car