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Winter Damage? We Can Handle Your Repairs

Las Cruces is fortunate to miss out on most of the cold weather that plagues other regions in the winter months, but that doesn’t mean that your car is entirely safe from winter damage. Especially during the holiday season, when you may find yourself traveling to colder climates to visit family, you may fall afoul of winter weather. But don’t worry – ABC Paint & Body can get your car looking good as new before spring!

Causes of Winter Damage

The risk of auto accidents rises for many people in the winter due to difficult road conditions. This is especially true here in the Southwest where drivers may not be experienced with handling ice and snow. Black ice is a big danger that can lead to loss of traction and collisions. It pays to take care with your winter driving to compensate for these risks.

Even if you’re a safe driver, however, cold weather on its own can raise some maintenance concerns for a vehicle. In the cold, tires will tend to lose air, causing loss of traction and increased risk of tire damage. Fluids, like motor oil, can thicken in the cold, leading to additional problems. And, of course, there are environmental risks like dents and scratches from chunks of ice.

Paint, Body & Mechanical Work

ABC Paint & Body can help you handle your body work and mechanical repairs caused by winter damage or any other issue. In addition to repairs, we can also handle routine maintenance issues to keep your car in good shape and prevent problems during the winter.

Whether you’ve sustained some damage this winter or are planning a trip and need your car in top shape for the journey, come by and see us. We can help keep your car in good condition so that you can rely on it all winter long.