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Advantages of Using a Windshield Cover in New Mexico

Have you ever climbed into a black car with leather seats on a searing hot day and wanted to jump out the moment your rear-end hit the seat? Have you ever taken a sip from a water bottle that’s been in your car for “just a couple hours,” only to discover its as hot as boiling water? Do you kick yourself every morning for failing to start your car 15 minutes before your commute just so you can cool it down instead of warm it up? If so, you must live in the Southwest. You also probably don’t have a windshield cover.

The Benefits of a Windshield Cover

When you were younger, you, like many, probably viewed windshield covers as fun accessories for vehicles. They had eyes, sports logos, cute animal images and scenes from your favorite television shows. However, windshield covers serve a far more important purpose than to entertain passersby. Windshield covers work to protect both the people who drive the vehicle as well as the possessions within it.

The most important function of a windshield cover is to keep internal vehicle temperatures at a tolerable level. The summer temperatures in Las Cruces can soar well above the 90s and into the triple digits, making vehicles not only uncomfortable but downright unsafe for passengers. A quality windshield cover can help to reduce internal temperatures by as much as 40 degrees and therefore, reduce the time it takes to cool a car or truck.

As an added bonus, a quality windshield cover can help protect the belongings within your vehicle. CD players, cell phones, GPS devices and LCD screens can all benefit from the shade a thick and durable cover can provide. The glaring sun can damage vulnerable electronics and significantly shorten their lifespan. A windshield cover, however, can protect them from harmful UV rays and considerably lengthen their lifespan.

Look Into Window Tint

Windshield covers definitely serve their purpose in a place like Las Cruces, New Mexico. However, many residents find they benefit from build-in protection, such as window tint. If you want easy and long-lasting protection from the sun, contact our body shop to learn more about our services today.