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Why Does It Take So Long to Paint My Car?

Your car is how you get around, and the last thing you want to do is be stuck at home while you’re waiting for it to get a new coat of paint. But there’s a reason that professional paint jobs can take several days. It’s not just because a paint shop is usually attending multiple vehicles; it’s the process itself!

car painting work

The Process is Intensive!

A professional paint job involves more than just putting a quick coat of paint on a car. The vehicle’s paint color has to be  mmatched or a new color decided on. The vehicle’s surface needs to be meticulously cleaned before the old paint is stripped away. Every step of the painting process has to be done in a clean environment to ensure that no grit or debris compromises the paint.

After the car’s been stripped—and every panel can take over two hours if it’s being done by hand—then it has to be cleaned again to ensure a smooth, clean surface. Primer has to be applied carefully to protect the metal; this also requires a sure hand to avoid making an uneven coat. After the primer dries, it has to be sanded lightly to provide a smooth, even surface.

All of this can take a day or more to be done correctly.

Painting Takes Time

Applying the paint coats to a car needs careful attention to detail and an even hand. Even with new technology making it easier than ever, it still takes a technician time to apply the paint and ensure it dries smoothly. Paint coats can take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes to cure completely and they need to be cleaned between coats for the best result.

Including the clear coat, inspecting for imperfections, correcting any that may have occurred and buffing the final coat, the last few steps of painting a car can take an entire day. Every step in the process has to be done carefully and inspected to ensure you get the best results.