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Why a DIY Paint Job for Your Car is Never a Good Idea

The Internet is full of “hacks” for every aspect of your life, and auto care is no exception. While every car owner should take some time to learn the basics of auto maintenance, you should be careful when it comes to do-it-yourself repairs. Some basic things, like changing your own oil or replacing burnt-out headlight bulbs, can be mastered with some research and practice. Other things, like dent repair and auto painting, should always be left to the experts.

The Importance of Paint

Your car’s factory paint job does more than make the car look good. It plays a vital role in the longevity of the car itself. The primer, paint and sealant combination work together to protect your car’s metal parts from the elements. Once paint begins to crack and peel, you run the risk of exposure to rust and other structural damages that will eat away at the vehicle.

This means that repainting a vehicle is not merely an issue of changing its aesthetics – it’s about protecting the vehicle and your investment.

The Problem with Painting Your Own Car

Home paint jobs, at their best, involve the use of a variety of specialty paints and techniques. More often, they use spray paint that is not designed for use on automobiles. Either way, DIY paint jobs are not the best option for your car:

  • The paint quality is lower than what a professional could offer.
  • Painting requires sanding and blending techniques that a novice would not have mastered.
  • The process is very messy and can ruin your garage or yard with overspray.

A poorly applied paint job will be prone to chipping, flaking or fading. The results will not last, and you will put your car at risk for more problems down the line due to rust. If you’re looking to fix scratched paint or want a new color for your car, don’t risk it with a  DIY approach – leave it to the experts at ABC Paint & Body to handle things for you correctly!