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When Are Your Car Repairs Covered by Car Insurance?

Being involved in an accident is never a fun experience. Fortunately, your car insurance should cover certain repairs to your vehicle after a collision occurs. The key is to determine which repairs are covered and which aren’t. While the details can vary from policy to policy, here are a few types of damage that are usually covered by insurance.

Collision Repairs

If you’re involved in a collision and another driver is responsible, their insurance company will pay for repairs to your vehicle. In cases where the driver lacks sufficient insurance or you were responsible for the accident, your insurance covers damages, provided you have a collision policy in place.

All drivers are obligated to have liability coverage, which kicks in when you cause damage or injuries to another driver. Collision coverage pays for repairs to your vehicle in the event you are responsible, or the other driver lacks coverage. You’re not usually obligated to secure collision coverage unless you’re leasing your vehicle. However, you should have a collision policy in place to ensure you’re properly protected.

Non-Accident Repairs

Your vehicle can also be damaged in other ways outside of a collision. Animals in the road, vandalism, theft, and fire are all covered by comprehensive coverage. Like collision coverage, comprehensive coverage is also optional, but it’s recommended to ensure your vehicle is fully protected from all types of perils.

Break Downs and Maintenance Issues

Repairs related to maintenance issues, such as worn brakes, are not usually covered by insurance policies. Insurance is intended for unexpected occurrence that you can’t necessarily predict. Repair issues related to wear and tear fall outside of this category, because it’s believed that drivers should perform the proper maintenance to keep their vehicles running smoothly. This entails brake inspections, regular oil changes, tire rotations, and other types of maintenance.

When in need of repairs or maintenance for your vehicle, the right shop will be able to address body work and more. ABC Paint & Body is happy to do it all for our Albuquerque customers. We provide collision repair service to keep your ride looking like new. We also offer maintenance services, including brake inspections and oil changes.

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