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What to Do If Insurance Won’t Cover Your Collision Repair

Following most accidents, particularly those involving you and another driver, insurance gets involved. Usually, a claim is filed with the at-fault party’s insurer, adjusters assess the damage, a check is cut and then you get the necessary repairs. But what happens when insurance won’t cover your collision repair costs? ABC Paint & Body has some ideas to help you restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition when you’re footing the bill.

Why Insurance May Not Cover Your Claim

There are a number of reasons why you could be paying out-of-pocket for collision repairs. Insurance may not cover your claim if:

  • You do not have the right type of insurance to cover the damage

    If you carry liability-only insurance and are responsible for the accident, your insurance will only cover damage sustained by other vehicles and/or property owners.

  • Repairs cost less than your deductible

    Some minor damage may be less than your deductible, so your insurance company won’t pay for anything. (But, your premiums could still go up.)

  • You’ve already made a number of claims

    Insurance companies cap how much they will pay-out before they drop a policy holder. If you’re approaching that threshold, your insurance company may notify you that they will not cover another claim.

Insurance companies may also only pay for part of the damage bill, and for some collision damage, even the remainder is quite expensive.

Your Repair Options

If your insurance (or the insurance of the at-fault party) will not cover your collision repairs, really, your only option is to pay for the repairs yourself. However, collision repair is not an expense that most people budget for. ABC Paint & Body can help you get the repairs you need without putting you in financial limbo. Here’s what we can do:

  • Prioritize repairs
  • Some collision repairs are essential to restore your vehicle’s drivability and safety; some repairs are just cosmetic. Our technicians can prioritize repairs needed to get your car road-ready so that you can have safe, reliable transportation as soon as possible.

  • Use aftermarket and/or reconditioned parts
  • OEM parts are usually preferable, but they can come with a significantly higher price. ABC Paint & Body can help reduce the cost of repairs by locating parts from other manufacturers that offer comparable functionality and performance. (Be assured that your safety or security is never compromised for cost.)

  • Provide flexible payment options
  • ABC Paint & Body accepts a variety of payment methods to help you cover the cost of repairs. You can always contact us to talk to our billing department to learn more about payment options.

No matter the extent of the damage or who’s paying for collision repairs, you always need to be sure your vehicle is being restored by experienced professionals. ABC Paint & Body is I-CAR certified, and we’ve been serving the Las Cruces area for more than a decade. Contact us today for assistance with your collision repair needs.