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Essential Vehicle Safety Features

Being a responsible driver keeps you and others safe when sharing the road. However, the vehicle you choose can also make a huge difference in safety and accident reduction. Whether you’re buying a new or used vehicle, the following safety features are a must.

Antilock Braking Systems (ABS)

In the past, hard braking or driving on slick roads could result in the wheels locking up. In this case, it would be impossible to steer in the desired direction, which would prevent you from avoiding road hazards. ABS is now standard in most vehicles, as it stops the wheels from locking up. ABS uses sensors affixed to every wheel, and these sensors send a signal to pump the brakes if the vehicle goes into a skid.


While airbags have been standard in vehicles for many years, they have evolved quite a bit from their initial construction. In addition to front airbags, airbags can also be situated on the sides of the vehicle to offer protection in side crashes. These side airbags protect the head as well as the torso, which is crucial in preventing fatal injuries during serious crashes. Advanced models can also detect the size and position of drivers and passengers, which allows them to control their deployment to not cause additional injuries.

Blind Spot Warnings

Blind spots are those areas around your vehicle that can’t be seen from your mirrors. Blind-spot warnings alert you when a person or object is near your vehicle. Blind spot warning technology can use lights or sounds, but more advanced systems take control of braking or steering to prevent an imminent collision.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Some vehicles, such as SUVs, have a greater risk of being involved in a roll-over accident because they’re top heavy. Much like ABS, ESC uses sensors, which detects when a vehicle is at risk of skidding or sliding. They are also helpful when turning if you’re traveling at a higher than necessary rate of speed. Upon detecting an issue, sensors send messages to a computer, which then operate different components of the vehicle to reduce the risk of a crash. This can include applying brakes to certain wheels or reducing the output of the engine.

Along with your driving skills and vehicle safety features, working with a reputable repair shop also ensures your vehicle remains safe and secure. In Albuquerque, ABC Paint & Body offers comprehensive brake inspections to ensure this essential component is functioning as expected. We also offer other types of automotive services, including routine vehicle maintenance to prevent small problems from getting worse.

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