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The Science of Color-Changing Paint

Technological advances in the automotive industry can improve your vehicle’s performance, driver and passenger comfort and make your car look way cooler! Color-changing paint is where technology and automotive aesthetics meet to eye-dazzling effects.

Magnetic Technology

So, some quick color basics. Color is the perception of various wavelengths of light on the visible spectrum. We perceive color when a specific wavelength is reflected—i.e., that light energy is not absorbed or conducted through the surface. In paint, various pigment compounds reflect different wavelengths, resulting in a wide array of shades.

Throughout automotive history, car paints have had static pigments compounds, so cars were only one color. But now there’s nanopaint (also called paramagnetic paint, or electromagnetic paint). Here’s how it works:

The body of the vehicle is coated with iron oxide particles, and the color-changing paint is applied on top. The iron oxide layer conducts an electric current that alters the molecular structure of the pigment compounds. Electric pulses at different voltages create a unique molecular configuration. And, every molecular configuration results in a different composition of light frequencies that are absorbed or reflected, thereby changing the color of the paint before your very eyes!

In the absence of an electric current, the pigment returns to a “default” shade.

Nanotechnology Available in Las Cruces

Color-changing paint is not a cheap customization option. However, if you’ve got the budget, we’ve got the skills at ABC Paint & Body. We offer top-quality auto body painting and customer service.

If nanopaint isn’t in your budget, contact or visit us to learn more about your conventional paint options.