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The Collision Repair Process

Getting into an auto accident is stressful enough. You don’t want to add more hassle and stress by being without your vehicle longer than absolutely necessary or risking poor quality repairs that just cause more problems later.

ABC Paint & Body offers top-quality repairs and customer service. We are completely transparent about our repair process, so you know what to expect every step of the way.

Step One: The Estimate

When you bring or have your car towed to us, we will do a full inspection of the damage and provide an estimate for repair. Estimates are free, and we can send them directly to your insurance company to speed up the claims process.

Step Two: Disassembly and Parts

Once the estimate is approved, we can order parts to begin repairs. The next step is to actually disassemble the affected area of your vehicle. At this stage, we may find additional damage. We provide documentation as required by your insurance company and will revise the estimate and order additional parts (if necessary) once you and your insurance provider authorize the repairs.

Step Three: Active Auto Body Repair

This stage is where most of the work is done. Active repair may include realigning the frame, rebuilding or replacing panels and removing dents. If frame alignment is required, we also perform laser alignment checks so that you and we know your frame has been restored to factory specifications.

You can be assured that our technicians do the job right, right from the start because we have the advanced technology and I-CAR certification to prove it.

Step Four: Reassembly

The vehicle is now ready to be reassembled. We reconnect electrical and system components, such as your air bag, and reinstall anything that we took out to facilitate repairs. This includes trim and moldings.

Step Five: Refinishing

Once the structure and body of your car have been restored to pre-accident condition (or better), we prepare the surfaces for painting. We sand and prime to ensure proper adhesion, then apply the color coat. Finally, we apply a clear, protective coat for a smooth, professional finish.

Step Six: Detailing and Final Inspection

Before we return your vehicle, we clean it inside and out, including buffing and polishing the paint and checking the electrical components, like your automatic windows and locks. We do a visual inspection and a test drive to ensure everything works properly and looks good-as-new.

Once you come to collect your car, we will go over the entire repair process, so you know exactly what was done.

When you need quality collision repair, contact ABC Paint & Body. We are local, independent, and provide personalized service to all of our customers.