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The Auto Refinishing Process: The Road to Perfection

You’ve probably painted rooms in your home, maybe even painted the exterior. No one bats an eye when you DIY your home. But, when it comes to auto body paint, you are warned never to “try this at home.” So, what is it about the auto refinishing process that makes it so specialized? What is the technician doing besides applying a few coats?

ABC Paint & Body has the answers.

Obstacles on The Road to Perfection

Refinishing the paint on your car may seem like a simple process. But, just like under your hood, there’s so much more below the paint surface that you don’t see. It is making sure that the body is prepped and layers applied correctly that requires specialized knowledge and painstaking work to ensure a perfect finish.

To dig in a little deeper, these are the challenges auto body techs face on the road to achieving a flawless finish:

    Generic Paint
    Automotive manufacturers do not sell paint specific to your vehicle. So, even though we are a professional auto body repair shop, we can’t just reach out to Ford or Honda and get the exact paint used on your make and model.

    Instead, we start with a basic color similar to your car’s paint and go from there.

    Paint Matching
    Every make and model has a specific paint color, but each car may have slight variations due to paint batch, age and fading. For the refinished paint to look indistinguishable from the original paint, we have to create the perfect match, which means mixing and adding colorant until we have what we need.

    Computerized paint matching has made this process easier, but it’s still a painstaking process.

    A Perfect Finish
    No amount of paint matching in the world is any good if the paint job won’t last. Correctly applying all the layers required (primer, base coat, special effect coats, etc.) is a time-consuming process. All layers must be evenly applied to the proper thickness and then allowed sufficient time in optimal (i.e. temperature-controlled, dust-free) conditions to cure. It is essential that layers bond to each other to prevent blistering and flaking.

    For the last coat, in particular, your technician ensures the paint matches perfectly, especially over contoured areas that may require more or less paint to guarantee an even coat.

The auto refinishing process requires expertise on everything from paint matching to sealants to creating a perfect finish indistinguishable from the rest of the car. That kind of expertise cannot be achieved by watching YouTube videos. It takes an experienced technician—that is why you need to find a reputable auto body shop.

At ABC Paint & Body, we serve the Las Cruces area with exceptional auto body work. We are locally owned and operated, and our technicians are knowledgeable, licensed and experienced. With ABC Paint & Body, you can be sure your car’s paint looks as good as new! Contact us today!