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Show Off This Summer

Basic maintenance is something that’s just standard before a road trip. Oil changes, checking tire pressure, making sure the brakes are good to go. What about taking the extra step and giving your favorite RV a summer makeover?

Finding an auto shop that can handle giving an RV a new paint job is difficult enough. Putting your RV in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing can be even harder. You want to look for an auto shop that has a paint spray booth large enough to handle an RV. Check to ensure that the shop you pick knows how to handle aluminum and fiberglass as well.

Why Get New Paint for Summer?

It’s not just for looks!

Taking your RV in for a paint job also means your RV will be washed and inspected for external damage. Maybe you didn’t see that dent in the back panel before! Now it can be repaired properly and painted to match the rest of your RV.

With a vehicle like an RV, you’ve already put a lot of money into owning it. This is something that you’ve worked for. It should look like the prize it really is! During the summer months, you’ll be showing it to people everywhere you go. Make sure that you’re showing them what a great investment you’ve made!

Learning to drive an RV always means a few scrapes and dents, but they don’t have to stay there. You can get it back to a factory shine by taking it to ABC Paint & Body—the only body shop in Las Cruces with a spray paint booth large enough to hold an RV—and letting the professionals give your RV a fresh summer makeover.