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Should You DIY Your Auto Restoration?

For just about any car enthusiast, there is that one late model that captures the imagination. The dream of owning it becomes an obsession. So, when you chance upon that classic vehicle, do you want to lovingly invest your own blood, sweat and tears, or should you entrust the job to a professional restoration shop? Here are some things to consider:

Your Skill

If you are an experienced auto restorer, then you probably have no qualms about whether or not you can handle the project. But if you’ve never done auto restoration, do not let that fact alone deter you from rolling up your sleeves and transforming your vehicle into the beauty it once was. There are loads of books, online tutorials and auto restoration forums you can consult to find out what to do, in what order and how-to short-cut potential headaches.

If you are new to auto restoration, the real question that needs to be asked is what is your mechanical aptitude? Having never done auto restoration is one thing, but if you’re still reciting “righty, tighty; lefty, loosey,” then maybe your auto restoration project should be left to the pros.

Your Time

Auto restoration is not something you can rush. If you rush, you may:

  • Get substandard parts for your project
  • Miss opportunities to get OEM parts for reasonable prices
  • Do shoddy work

The end result of rushing is too much money spent and/or poor workmanship that decreases the value of the restored vehicle.

If you do not have months (for many, it’s years) to dedicate to doing an auto restoration right, then it may be better to let pros (who have connections to get the parts you need faster) handle it.

Your Budget

Auto restoration does not have to break the bank, especially if you are willing to spend time bargain hunting for parts and/or visit classic car shows where you may meet lucrative connections. But, auto restoration will likely break the bank if you do not do you research first. Doing something poorly or just plain wrong means doing it over or having professionals redo your work. Sometimes, it may be better just to let restoration professionals take (at least some parts of) the project from the get-go.

Your Local Restoration Pros

If your dream vehicle requires a makeover or complete rebuild to realize its former glory, you don’t have to look far for restoration professionals to help. ABC Paint and Body provides comprehensive auto restoration and limited restoration services that allow you to assist in the process. For quotes, consultations and to learn more about divvying up auto restoration tasks, contact us.