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Roadkill Accident? We Can Clean and Repair Your Car

It’s getting to be the time of year when the weather gets cooler and twilight comes earlier—the time of year that animals come out of hiding and are often seen too late on roadways.

Accidents that leave roadkill and car damage increase in the fall. If you’ve had the misfortune of running into a critter, you can count on ABC Paint & Body to clean up and repair the damage.

Common Roadkill Accidents and Damage in the Las Cruces Area

The type and severity of damage your car may sustain in an accident involving an animal largely depends on the size of the animal and the angle of impact. The most severe damage is caused by large animals, such as deer, elk and the very rare mountain lion.

The mass of these animals can result in serious damage, including:

  • Dented bumper and body panels
  • Dislodged bumper
  • Broken headlights
  • Shattered windshield

Any body damage will cause cracks and chips in the clear coat and paint of your car, leaving more areas vulnerable to corrosion.

However, even smaller animals like opossums, raccoons and skunks can cause a sizeable mess and noticeable dents.

Roadkill Collision Cleanup and Repair

After a roadkill accident, it’s best to take your vehicle to ABC Paint & Body for a professional evaluation and estimate and risk-free cleanup.

Wild animals carry a lot of diseases, and attempting to clean off animal tissue without the right protection increases your risk for contracting animal-borne illness. The technicians at ABC Paint & Body have the right equipment and industrial-grade cleaning agents that remove organic residue without damaging your vehicle.

Our technicians can also assess and prioritize auto body repairs. We can help you determine:

  1. If any damage needs to be repaired ASAP to prevent accelerated wear or performance issues
  2. If any repairs may safely be done by you to minimize repair expenses
  3. The total cost of repairs and whether or not it is worth filing a claim and paying your deductible

With more than a decade of experience and the skill of I-Car Gold Class certified technicians, you know you can trust ABC Paint & Body to provide the best repair advice and service.

To restore your vehicle to pre-roadkill-accident condition, contact us to schedule an estimate and collision repair service.