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Preventing Paint Discoloration and Fading

No one wants to be the owner of “that” car—the one with faded paint patches, making it look like someone took sandpaper to the hood or roof. While paint issues do not affect your car’s drivability, it will affect your car’s value and possibly your enjoyment driving it. You can keep your car’s paint job looking fresh with a little extra care.

What Causes Paint Fading?

Paint fading prevention is common sense when you know why paint fades in the first place. The most common cause for paint fading and discoloration is UV exposure. Intense sun exposure bakes the top coat, exposing the paint below to sun bleaching.

The second most common cause is simply a bad paint job. If you opted to recolor your car or paint was applied during auto body work and the clear coat isn’t sufficiently thick or uneven, the underlying paint is vulnerable to UV damage.

How to Prevent Paint Fading

Considering the sun is your car paint’s nemesis, preventing fading and discoloration largely involves protecting it from UV radiation by:

  • Parking in the shade or under the cover (carport or garage)
  • Waxing regularly—every three months

Because the clear coat is the last layer of defense between the sun and your paint, make sure it stays intact by removing contaminants that eat away at it—road grid, bird droppings, salt, etc. Also, if you do need collision repair or want a paint job, make sure to take your car to a reputable shop like ABC Paint & Body so that you know the paint and clear coat are applied correctly.