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How to Preserve Your New Paint Job After Collision Repair

A good auto body shop can restore your vehicle to its former condition after a damaging collision. This includes a new paint job, which will be meticulously matched to your vehicle’s existing color.

A new coat of paint looks amazing on your vehicle and you naturally want to keep it that way. Keep in mind that it takes some time for automotive paint to completely dry, so you must be vigilant about safeguarding your paint job from imperfections. Here are a few tips to keep your pristine paint looking its best.

Steer Clear of Commercial Car Washes

If your car gets dirty after collision repairs, your first inclination may be to hit up your local car wash. While commercial washes are fast and efficient, they can also do a number of your vehicle’s paint. Most car washes use stiff, hard-bristled brushes to scrubs cars clean, so you can imagine what they might do to your new paint job. Handwash your car instead, using mild soap, a cloth made from soft fabric, and cool water. Do not apply wax or polish your vehicle for at least 90 days after re-painting, as this may cause discoloration.

Watch Where You Drive

Unfinished gravel roads can be a pain to drive on, but they’re even worse for a newly painted vehicle. As your tires rotate, they’re likely to kick up the loose gravel, which will fly in all directions. Gravel may hit your vehicle, which is a serious issue when paint is still in the process of drying. If you regularly encounter gravel roads while driving around town, try to find an alternate route. And if you must drive on a gravel road, go slow so you don’t kick up as much debris.

Safeguard Your Vehicle From Nature

Birds, bugs, and tree sap can also harm your paint. Birds are notorious for doing their business on cars, while bugs may inadvertently splatter against your vehicle while you drive. Tree sap is also damaging, as it can get stuck to your vehicle and ruin your otherwise magnificent paint job. If possible, store your vehicle in a garage to protect it from Mother Nature. If you do notice a stain, clean it off right away using the same method described above. Do not clean off your car with a dry cloth, as this can result in scratches.

Be Careful With Repairs & Maintenance

Newly painted vehicles are also more vulnerable to damage caused by chemicals, including those used when repairing or maintaining your vehicle. If possible, hold off on repairs for a month or two to ensure your vehicle’s paint has completely hardened. If it’s an urgent repair that can’t be delayed, give your mechanic the rundown on what part of the vehicle was repainted so that area can be protected.

Need Help? That’s Why We’re Here

One of the great things about our team at ABC Paint & Body us that we’re always willing to pass our knowledge on to our customers. If you have questions about post-paint maintenance, don’t be afraid to ask. We’ll provide you the necessary tips and trick when it comes to aftercare, so you can love your new paint as long as possible.

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