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Popular Options for Custom Paint Jobs

Whether you want to show off your personality and style with a custom paint job or renovate a car with faded or damaged paint, there are plenty of advantages to a custom auto paint job.
Types of Custom Paint Jobs

Fade Out

    • A fade out paint job involves painting your car with two colors and making a seamless transition so the colors blend where they meet. The colors may fade from top to bottom or front to back.


    • Two-tone paint jobs became popular in the 1950s and they are still a great way to stand out when done right. This style involves painting the car with two colors that do not blend.


    • Metallic Paint


    • A metallic paint job will make your vehicle sparkle in the sunlight as the metal flakes in the paint reflect the light.


    Flames are a classic hot rod paint job that come in many styles. Along with the vibrant and eye-catching flames commonly found on hot rods, you can choose ghost flames with a color that is similar to the body color for a subtle level of detail.

Why Choose a Custom Paint Job?
A custom auto paint job can:
• Increase your car’s resale value. It’s always best to pick a design and paint that fits you, but it can increase the resale value of your car. This is especially true if the original paint is old and faded or you choose a custom color and style that has mass appeal.
• Make your car feel new again. There’s nothing like the feel of a new car. You can enjoy that feeling again without a trade-in with a paint job that breathes fresh life into your car.
• Reverse damage. A new paint job will give your vehicle a facelift and make paint damage like road rash, scratches, fading, and cracks a thing of the past.
• Give you a unique ride. Want to stand out from the pack? There’s no better way than a new paint job with custom colors and designs.
If you’re interested in a custom paint job for your car, contact ABC Paint & Body today to learn more!