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Peeling Paint – What Are Your Options for Prevention & Repair?

Nothing makes a car look run down faster than shabby-looking paint. Faded and peeling paint is an eyesore, and it also makes your car vulnerable to damage. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect the life of your car’s paint job – and when repainting becomes necessary, you have ABC Paint & Body available to handle the job!

Why Damaged Paint is a Problem

Cars aren’t just painted to look nice. The paint – and, most importantly, the clear-coat applied over the paint – plays a valuable role in protecting the metal underneath. Cars are made primarily of steel, which contains iron. And iron, when exposed to moisture from rain, damp air, sprinklers, car wash hoses and other sources, begins to rust.

Rust will literally eat away at the metal, eventually destroying the car. This process happens slowly, but even small amounts of rust can damage the vehicle’s structural integrity. Paint provides a much-needed barrier between the metal and the elements, lengthening the life of your car.

Tips for Protecting Your Paint Job

  • Wax your car regularly to boost the protective power of the clear-coat.
  • Wash your car frequently and use the appropriate detergents and tools to protect the paint.
  • Avoid parking under trees where bird droppings and pine sap could be deposited on your car, and wash the car immediately if it does get any corrosive substances on it.
  • Repair small dings and scratches immediately rather than waiting for them to cause more extensive damage.

ABC Paint & Body offers paintless dent repair, scratch repair and other simple cosmetic services that can help to keep your paint job in top shape. But if the paint has already begun to peel, it’s time to consider a new paint job.

Bring in your car before the damage spreads, and we’ll be able to paint the damaged area and blend it expertly with the surrounding panels, saving you the expense of a full paint job while protecting your vehicle from further damage!