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New Year’s Resolutions Car Owners

Happy New Year! 2016 marks a fresh start, a new opportunity to take care of those you love most…including your car. ABC Paint & Body has a few ideas for changes to your car care routine (or lack thereof) to keep your car looking beautiful the whole year through.


Resolution #1: Do Quarterly Car Care

It’s no secret that New Mexico’s weather is harsh on cars. No doubt you’ve seen countless cars with sun damaged spots on the hood and roof. But a dull, flaking paint job is not an inevitable fate for your vehicle. You can keep your car’s exterior lustrous with quarterly car care that includes:


  • Wash—to remove dirt, road grime, bird droppings, etc. that cause abrasion and/or chemical damage to your car’s coat.
  • Wax—to apply a protective layer against abrasives and UV radiation.


Of course, you can also maintain the condition of your car’s interior with (at least) quarterly vacuuming and application of a protective coating to your vinyl dash, steering wheel and console.


Resolution #2: Get Touch-Ups When Needed

In the event that road trips leaves nicks, chips or scrapes in your paint job, get the paint and coat touched up ASAP. Touch-ups and paintless dent repair not only mask evidence of “oops” moments or inconsiderate parking lot neighbors, they seal your car’s coat to prevent corrosion and flaking that leaves the underbody vulnerable to the elements.


Resolution #3: Maintain Brakes & Mirrors

Resolve to minimize or eliminate “oops” moments by ensuring your mirrors are always properly angled and clean and your brakes are in top working order. ABC Paint & Body may help you replace any mirror that has been damaged or lost in an accident, and we provide brake inspections to determine if it is time for brake repair and/or replacement.


Resolution #4: Find a Quality Auto Body Shop

In the event that the New Year starts out with a crash-bang, know where to take your car for quality collision repair. ABC Paint & Body provides all the services you need to restore your car’s pre-accident condition as quickly as possible. We are part of the Direct Repair Program (DRP) for a number of insurance companies and can help you file your claim. Contact us for an estimate.


We wish you a safe and accident-free 2016!