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Limited Edition Color Matching

Choosing the color of your car may have been one of the toughest, most personal decisions when car shopping. So, if your car’s paintwork is scratched, chipped or damage, you want to make sure that repairs can be done without any visible color mismatch. For most vehicle colors, that’s no problem, but what if you have a limited edition color? At ABC Paint and Body, that’s still no problem.

Paintless Dent Repair

At ABC Paint and Body, we do everything we can to restore your vehicle’s body without breaking the manufacturer’s clear coat. By leaving the clear coat intact, your paint isn’t affected, so there isn’t any color-matching challenges at all.

Color-Matching Technology

When auto body repairs require repainting, ABC Paint and Body offers perfect color-matching through our use of technology. We have a paint matching camera and in-house mixing capability. Together, we can match any shade, even limited edition colors.

Unmatched Expertise

Having a perfect color match alone does not ensure a seamless paint job. To make your car look like new, the paint must be applied with expert skill. At ABC Paint and Body, we’ve got the skills! Our technicians expertly blend new and existing paint to ensure a flawless paint job.

ABC Paint and Body offers limited edition color matching and flawless application all for a very competitive price. Visit us today for a free estimate for auto body repair and/or paint restoration for your limited edition ride.