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Keep Your Car Safe From Pranks This Fall

Halloween is a night of costumes, candy and fun for everyone, but one person’s idea of fun could mean you’re spending a morning of scrubbing shaving cream off of your car. Pranks go hand in hand with masked festivities, but if you take a few steps to protect your car, you can escape the eggs and Silly String!

Invest in a Car Cover

Car covers are usually used to protect against rain, UV exposure and winter weather. A light-weight layer of fabric—sometimes waterproof or just a simple tarp fitted to a car’s shape—can be a theft deterrent as well. It comes with an additional bonus during times of the year when pranks are at a height; car covers protect your car from the usual prank culprits.

Shaving cream, eggs, Silly String and other substances can cause damage to your paint job, but a car cover provides a layer of protection that even wax can’t compete with. Drape a car cover over your car before you go to bed on Halloween night and you’re saved the effort of washing off shaving cream or worse the next morning.

Park in a Garage

If you have a garage, use it! Parking your car indoors keeps it safe from people who may be looking for a target. No sugar in your gas tank or eggs on your windshield; you’ll be able to step into the garage in the morning and drive off without a second thought.

There are parking garages that have security on-site where you can park your car if you don’t have a garage of your own. This may be a good choice if you live in an area that’s prone to damaging pranks or has high crime rates.

If The Worst Happens…

Pranks don’t always happen when you expect them to! All it takes is one group of tricksters and a carton of eggs to ruin your car’s paint job. If the worst happens, bring your car in to ABC Paint & Body and we’ll repair the damage so you can drive away without a mark to show for it.