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How to Stay Safe When You Have Car Trouble

It’s everyone’s nightmare—car trouble, especially in traffic…or the cold. Your goal is to keep yourself and your passengers safe, and that typically requires avoiding other motorists and unexpected obstacles that may come along. ABC Paint & Body has a few tips to keep you safe when your car fails:

  1. Ease Out of Traffic
    Take your foot off the gas pedal but don’t brake suddenly. Ease your car off to the right side of the road, using turn signals to let other motorists know where you’re headed. When you park, turn your wheels to the right so that if someone should accidentally hit your car, it won’t move into oncoming traffic.
  2. Turn on Your Hazard Lights
    Turn on your hazard lights and other warning indicators—flare or reflective triangles. Make your car as visible as possible to other drivers, police and a towing company. You can also raise your vehicle’s hood or tie something to the antennae.
    If you put flares or reflective triangles out, put one about 10 feet behind your vehicle and another farther away.
  3. Call for Assistance and Don’t Flag Down Other Vehicles
    Call for either a towing company or a police service aid for help. Don’t flag down other vehicles. If someone does stop to help, stay in your car and ask them to call a police service aid vehicle or a towing company (if you don’t have a phone) or let them know you’ve already called for roadside assistance.
  4. Exit on the Opposite Side of Traffic
    If you have to exit your car, do so on the opposite side from traffic. Ideally, you’ll be able to pull over to the right side of the road, so you’ll exit through passenger side. If you can only pull over to the left, exit on the driver’s side.
  5. Keep Your Roadside Assistance Information with You
    Always keep your roadside assistance information with you so you can call when you need to. It doesn’t do you any good to have roadside assistance if it’s not there when you need it.

But the best way to keep yourself safe when you have car trouble is to make sure you don’t have any. Before your car gives out, bring it in to ABC Paint & Body. Our technicians will give your car a thorough inspection and carry out any needed maintenance so you can feel safe on the road. Contact us today to make an appointment!