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How to Protect That New Paint Job

Picture this: your car has a gorgeous new paint job—limited edition colors, racing stripes, the works. You want to keep it in cherry condition as long as possible; after all, your car’s paint job is more than just a pretty exterior—it’s the first line of defense for the body of your car against environmental damage.

To keep your paint job looking like your car is fresh out of the paint booth, here’s what to do:

Wash and Wax Quarterly (or more often as needed)

A wide variety of gunk that sticks to your car is bad for your paint—salt, bird droppings, bug guts, etc. This gunk needs to be removed before the acids eat through the clear coat, exposing the paint to further environmental deterioration…because once the paint is gone, nothing is protecting the metal, promoting corrosion.

To properly wash your car, use:

  • Detergents formulated for your car (not dish soap or laundry detergent)
  • Microfiber cloths—changed frequently to prevent “washing” your car with the grit you just removed.

Always apply wax after washing to provide additional protection from UV radiation and other environmental contaminants. Some waxes and polishes are all-purpose; some are specially formulated for specific paint types (like matte finishes). If you want specific recommendations for your vehicle, please contact us.

Invest in Paint Protection Film

Paint protection films are applied much like window tinting, but instead of changing the color, they simply add another layer of protection to prevent chipping, fading and yellowing. (It also makes washing your car a little easier.)

Protective films are best applied to the places that encounter the most dirt and other contaminants: front-end fascia, bumpers, hood, fenders and rocker panels.

Apply Polish or Glaze Annually

The polishes and glazes we mean here are not the same as the waxes and polishes you use after every wash. These are specialty products that renew the natural oils in your paint to keep it looking fresh.

For some car owners, this is a DIY project. But if you are not very confident in your car-care skills, you can trust the professionals at ABC Paint & Body to take care of this for you.