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How to Get Top Asking Price for Your Car

Are you spring cleaning your garage in preparation of parking something new in it? If you’re getting ready to sell your car, ABC Paint & Body can help you get top asking price with a new paint job.

Benefits of a New Paint Job

A new paint job will, of course, make your vehicle look newer and in better condition, and that alone can boost the resale value. But there are other benefits to a new paint job you can use to market your vehicle:

  • New paint provides updated and advanced protection from the elements—so the brand-new look will stay looking newer longer
  • New paint can replace a dated color to boost demand for your vehicle

Investing in a new paint job also shows that you take proper care of your vehicle, and that can build trust with a savvy potential buyer who inquires about the vehicle’s mechanical condition.

Cost-Effective Way to Boost Value

A new paint job can easily add several hundred dollars to your car’s resale value. It can also help your car sell faster so you have cash on-hand to put a down payment on a new car for you.

To spruce up the look of your car before posting the “For Sale” sign, contact ABC Paint & Body. We offer a number of paint job options—everything from paintless dent repair to full color transformation—and free estimates for all our services.