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How a Small Dent Becomes a Big Problem

While you ran into the store, someone banged your car door with a shopping cart leaving a small ding…or, your car was parked outside during a hail storm, and now there’s some damage. Annoying for sure, but not a big deal…right?

Unfortunately, small dings and scratches can become big problems for you and your wallet later if not taken care of.

How Small Dings Make Big Problems

How can something as small as a dent or a scratch become a big problem? Here’s how:


    When something hits your car—a stone, a piece of hail or even another vehicle—it creates a small “tear” in the paint. The smallest “tear” allows water, air and dust to collect in small pockets beneath the paint. These combination of these elements and your vehicle’s metal body panels and frame result in the formation of rust. Rust is corrosive—it eats away at the paint and the frame, causing even more damage that both looks bad and compromises the integrity of the auto body.

    Diminished Resale value

    Even if there is no evidence of rust and/or body damage, dings, dents and scratches all hurt the resale value of your car. The appearance of even the smallest damage takes away from the amount an individual buyer or dealer will pay for your car.

    And if you still owe on your car (so the bank still technically owns it), the bank expects you to keep the car in good order.

    Potential Safety Issues

    Some events that cause minor damage—like a rocks flying out from under your tires—could actually cause a safety issue. Although the damage to your paint and auto body may be minor, the act of driving over the obstacles could have thrown off your alignment. When your car’s alignment—wheel or frame alignment—is off, your vehicle suffers extra wear and tear. For instance, your tires may wear down faster or unevenly and/or you may not get optimal MPGs.

The moral of the story is this: even though you may only see a small scratch or ding, it’s worth taking your car to a collision shop to guard against more expensive and dangerous problems down the road.

Professional Dent Repair

Your best choice for chip, dent and ding repair in Los Lunas is ABC Paint and Body. We are a locally-owned collision repair shop with certified auto body technicians taking care of your vehicle. Contact us today.