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Guarding Your Paint Job

It’s not just for show; the paint on your car is the first line of defense between the elements and the car’s frame. When paint chips, peels or flakes, that lets sun damage and rust begin to erode the car’s base structure. With sun exposure being inevitable and flying gravel a danger when driving, how do you protect your paint job so it can keep protecting your car?

Waxing is Your Best Protection

In early years, a coat of paint was just that: a base coat and a few layers of pigment. Wax was utterly vital in protecting it from flaking, chipping and peeling. It wasn’t until the 1980s that manufacturers began adding a clear coat layer to seal the paint and add shine to the car. This clear coat is also the first layer of defense against damage from UV rays, exhaust, salt and the other environmental factors that can damage paint.

That clear coat can, however, decay. It’s protecting the paint from damage and taking that abuse itself. A coat of wax provides an additional layer of protection, helping the clear coat to last much longer.

Park in the Shade Whenever Possible

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause oxidation and premature fading to your car’s paint. Weakening the paint means the clear coat won’t last as long and then paint can begin to chip and peel. To protect your paint from unnecessary UV exposure, try parking in the shade whenever possible. Utilize covered garages or invest in a car cover and use it whenever you can’t park your car in reliable shade.

Wash Your Car Regularly

Dust does more than just dull the color of your car. It can scratch away at wax and the clear coat layer, cause micro-abrasions that open up weaknesses in the layers of paint. Eventually, it damages your car just as badly as any flung rock or scratch.

Washing your car regularly—rinse first, wash with a soft cloth and an automotive soap and rinse again—will prevent dust from building up and rasping away patches of your protective clear coat.

If your paint job has already been damaged, come to ABC Paint & Body for expert detailing and paint repair to prevent any further harm and save your car’s frame.