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Get (Your RV) In Shape for Summer!

With summer not too far ahead, you’ve got a chance to jump into preparations before it’s time to get busy. If you’re looking at taking your RV out for a family vacation, you want to ensure that it’s tuned up, washed and ready to go. But when you take a look, there’s a scratch here, a chunk of paint missing there…

Do you really need to have a paint job repaired just for your summer vacation? No, your RV will still work just fine as long as you’ve taken mechanical care of it. But what happens when you don’t have your paint job tended?

Paint Protects Your Vehicle

The purpose of a paint job isn’t just to make your RV look like the best on the block. Paint is an exterior surface protection that keeps the metal frame from being worn by the elements. Rust is what happens when metal is exposed to oxygen and water, and it destroys the integrity of the metal. Weakened metal breaks under strain. The last thing you want is a panel breaking, costing you more in repairs!

Paint provides a layer of protection between the metal surfaces of your RV and the elements that would damage it. Even small nicks and scratches can let rust begin to develop. If it spreads beneath the rest of the painted surface, you won’t know until it’s too late.

The Only RV Paint Booth in Las Cruces

One of the problems with handling RV maintenance is the fact that a lot of mechanics can work on the engine, but who has room to paint an RV’s body?

ABC Paint & Body has the only RV paint booth in Las Cruces. If your RV is showing wear and tear and you want to protect it from rust, bring it to us and we’ll ensure your paint job is both functional and beautiful. Don’t risk the integrity of your RV’s body by ignoring cracks, scratches and gouges in your paint when we can handle it for you!