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Do I Need a Paint Job?

Hail causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage every year, and quite a bit of the money spent is on new paint jobs. Hail chips away flakes of paint, leaving your car’s structure vulnerable to rust as well as making it look ragged. You’ve invested time and money into your car; you don’t want to risk it becoming damaged, or leave it looking uncared for. But did the hail cause damage that needs a paint job?

Examine the Hail Damage

Many dents caused by hail can be repaired with paintless dent removal (PDR) and don’t affect the integrity of your paint job. Examine the damage carefully—look for chips in the paint that show you primer or bare metal. Check for any discoloration and make sure that your vehicle is clean when you look at the damage.

Traditional hail repair involves replacement of damaged panels followed by repainting. If PDR cannot remove the dents in the panels, you will need to have them replaced. If paint is chipped away from the paneling, you’ll need a paint job.

Don’t Patch It Yourself!

If the paint has been compromised and your car is at risk of rust exposure, the last thing you want is to conceal the spot with a hasty job of spray paint. You need to see damage when it starts, not later after it’s turned from a repair to a replacement job. A qualified paint shop like ABC Paint & Body can handle your dent repair and provide a professional paint job to protect the longevity and integrity of your car’s body structure.