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Damaged Paint – Truth or Baloney?

The paintwork on your automobile is a major part of its aesthetic appeal, so it is no wonder that people are highly concerned about everything from minor scratches to major paint damage. However, there are many urban legends that make auto paint seem much less durable than it actually is. We have gathered a list of the most prevalent auto paint myths to help you determine whether or not you need to rush your vehicle to a local car wash after an unexpected incident or prank.

1. Eggs – If someone eggs your car, you might experience some minor damage from the impact of the shell. The good news is that the egg itself is not going to harm your paint job unless it remains in place for an extended period of time on a very warm day.

2. Bologna – Neither bologna nor salami will do any harm for up to a week, but they will get smelly really quickly! The only observable damage to a modern paint job is the slow accumulation of an oily buildup that will easily wipe off.

3. Coca-Cola – Soda may be corrosive to your teeth, but you do not need to worry about it causing any problems with a modern paint job that includes a base and clear coat.

4. Brake Fluid – Solid paintwork should not be harmed by short-term exposure to brake fluid. You do need to be aware this is one substance that should be washed off as soon as possible because it can eat through paint if it sits for long enough.

5. Brake Cleaner – Unlike the brake fluid, brake cleaner does not appear to eat through paint, especially if it is wiped away within a few days.

It is always best to clean up any spills or pranks right away in order to avoid long-term exposure to caustic materials. If your vehicle does sustain any type of paint damage, visit ABC Paint & Body for assistance.