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Cycle Time: What it Means to You and Your Insurance Company

When you’re researching body shops for collision repair, one term that probably comes up often is “cycle time.” What is this, and why does it matter to you?

Simply put, cycle time is the amount of time between the moment a car comes into the shop until it’s sent home, fully repaired. It’s a figure that’s very important to drives, because it tells them how quickly they can expect to get back in their cars after an accident.

It’s also important to insurance companies because they want to pay for efficient repairs – especially if they’re covering the cost of a rental vehicle until your car gets out of the shop.

Efficient Repairs Make for Happy Customers

It’s no surprise that customers want their cars back as soon as possible. But they also want their repairs completed perfectly the first time, with no need to come back for lingering problems. This is why a body shop can’t just be fast — it has to be efficient.

At ABC Paint & Body, there are a few things we do to boost the efficiency of our process:

  • We’re careful with our scheduling to ensure we always have adequate staff to handle our workload.
  • We dedicate four hours per day to repairs on any given vehicle in the shop, ensuring it gets out as quickly as possible. If a repair will take 20 hours, we can guarantee it back within five days.
  • We complete thorough tear-down estimates up-front, getting a full picture of what’s wrong with a car before we order parts. This saves us from needing to order additional parts or complete supplemental estimates down the line.

Cycle time, for a body shop, always comes down to time management and efficient repairs. We have the experience to know exactly how long a repair should take, and we strive to meet our rapid cycle times with each and every vehicle we repair. That’s how we ensure that you get back in your vehicle as soon as possible so life can get back to normal after an accident.