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Airbag Facts Everyone Should Know

Airbags are a standard safety feature in virtually all vehicles currently on the road. They’re integral to protecting you and your passengers in the event of a serious collision and are responsible for saving 50,457 people over the course of 30 years. While essential to a safe driving experience, airbags are not without their risks. Driver actions can sometimes increase these risks, which is why it’s important for people to understand these airbag facts.

The More Airbags, the Better

Airbags can be in placed in more areas than just the front and rear of the vehicle. They can also be installed along the side of the vehicle in the event of a side impact. Frontal airbags will only deploy when the car is going 14 mph or more and is impacted at a 30-degree angle on either side. There are also knee and foot airbags, seatbelt airbags, and curtain airbags that deploy from the roof. These offer protection in case of a rollover accident.

Air Bags Work Best With Seatbelts

Seatbelts are a vehicle’s primary restraint system, while airbags are considered a supplementary feature. Both systems work best when used in conjunction, which is why all vehicle occupants must wear their seatbelts all the time. Front seatbelts lower the risk of fatality during a crash by 45%, while the risk of serious injury is 50% lower when occupants are strapped in. Additionally, airbags may not deploy correctly due a number of factors, in which case your seatbelt will be the last line of defense.

What Not to Do

Obstructions may prevent the airbag from deploying correctly. Anything in front of the airbag at the time of impact can be projected around the vehicle with force and potentially cause an injury. Frontal airbags are known to cause injury to children under 13, so young kids should sit in the back either wearing a seatbelt or properly secured in a car seat. Passengers should also refrain from place their feet on the dashboard while the vehicle’s in motion.

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