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4 Steps to Give your Car a Whole New Look

An experienced professional can give your car a whole new look, but the journey to a complete care makeover is not always an easy one. There are a lot of things to consider including the cost and time it will take to complete the process. However, if you are committed updating the look of your vehicle with a new color and coat, then understanding the entire process might help you decide to bring your car to ABC Paint and Body.

Step 1: Preparation

The preparation stage involves giving the car a thorough wash to remove dirt, road grime and grease. This layer of “ick” has to go so that the paint can be removed efficiently and effectively.

Step 2: Stripping

Stripping the existing coat off your car can be done chemically or manually. Sanding is usually the best way to take your car back to the bare metal evenly. Once no residue of the former color is left, the car is washed again to remove impurities that can affect adhesion of the new paint.

Step 3: Priming

This stage involves covering areas you do not want to be painted like the inner door sills and windows. After completing this task, the primer is applied to the car from the roof down.

Step 4: Painting

Paint is applied to your car in three to four even coats using a high-tech spray system. A buffer is then used to buff paint in circular motions carefully. Once the paint is flawless, we seal it and apply protective coatings that safeguard the new paint from color fade, chipping, flaking, etc.

Final Thoughts

While the re-coloring process is only four steps, it can take days to complete. Some of the coloring products—like primer and paint—need to dry or cure before the process can move forward.

We know you are excited about the final product. We are too! Contact us to learn more about pricing and estimated turn-around times, which may vary based on the existing of your car’s existing coat, the weather and paint booth availability.