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3 Reasons to Have Your Vehicle Professionally Inspected After a Collision

Even minor collisions can cause a large amount of stress and headache in the aftermath. Unfortunately, you may be adding to this stress if you choose not to have your vehicle professionally inspected after being involved in an accident.

Sure, you tell yourself that the crash was minor, and your vehicle appears to be driving fine. But how do you really know there isn’t serious underlying damage? It’s better to be safe than sorry in this instance, especially when continuing to drive a vehicle may compromise the safety of yourself and others. Here are a few reasons to have your vehicle inspected after a crash.

Not All Damage Will Be Obvious

Even a highly skilled repair tech would be hard pressed to identify hidden damage just by looking at a vehicle. Consider your vehicle’s frame, which serves the crucial purpose of keeping the car intact and stable. Driving a vehicle with a bent or damaged frame can cause uneven wear of tires, as well as negatively impacting shocks and suspension. You’ll also be less protected should another accident occur, which reduces the safety of your vehicle. Frame issues can only be identified during a vehicular inspection, so it’s best not to leave it to chance.

Alignment Issues May Lead to Other Serious Crashes

A collision can also throw off the alignment of your vehicle. Poor alignment reduces your ability to maneuver to the vehicle, as well as possibly affecting a car or truck’s braking capability if tires are out of whack. Additionally, tire blowouts are more likely when a vehicle is not aligned properly. When driving at high speeds, a blowout can be deadly to yourself and other drivers.

A Professional Inspection Offers Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most compelling reason to schedule a professional inspection after an accident is the peace of mind it affords. No one wants to be unpleasantly surprised by a broken-down vehicle, especially when you rely on your car or truck to get to and from work each day. In the same token, putting off repairs can increase the cost of repair bills. Damage to your vehicle, even when small, often has a ripple effect on other components, which means you’ll be obligated to schedule numerous repairs just to make your vehicle whole again. Conversely, discovering problems early prevents further damage.

ABC Paint & Body Is Here to Put Your Mind At Ease

Located in Laz Cruces, NM, ABC Paint & Body is a trusted local name when it comes to auto repair services.  Our skilled technicians will assess body damage after a collision and provide a reasonable repair solution to keep your vehicle road ready. We also perform brake inspections, dent repair, and will even work with your insurance company on your behalf thanks to our Direct Repair Programs with many major insurers.

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