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The Ease of Direct Repair Programs

A car accident is stressful enough; you don’t need the additional hassle of trying to find an auto body repair shop that can handle the repairs you need. And you really don’t need the trouble of finding a shop that will take your insurance coverage. Direct repair programs help save you hassle. Insurance companies make agreements with body shops, such as ABC Paint & Body, and these DRPs help you. How? We’ll tell you!

When You Come to ABC Paint & Body

After you’ve filed your claim with your insurance company, you bring your vehicle to the body shop with the DRP with that insurer. This allows the shop to handle the estimate rather than making you wait for an insurance adjuster to arrive. Experience with handling the insurance process also helps in expediting the vehicle’s repairs. Direct repair programs help cut down on the waiting.

We focus on dealing with the insurance company and devoting at least four hours a day to repairing your car. When we’re working on it, we’re really working on it and not just letting it sit in the lot. This adds to the speed with which you’re able to get your car back and return to your normal life.

The Benefits for You

Not only do direct repair programs speed up the process—no waiting for an adjuster, the insurance company and the body shop already know how to exchange paperwork, etc.—but the process is made easier for you. The shop and the insurance company work directly with each other, eliminating the need for you to make in-between phone calls. With an estimate completed before the work begins, all the parts can be ordered before the repairs start, so there’s no later delay.

Direct repair programs at ABC Paint & Body allow you to utilize a rental car when needed, know your vehicle is being worked on and that the insurance company is in constant communication with the body shop. Your car will be returned to you as soon as possible and you’ll be able to return to your normal routine that much faster.