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How to Protect the Paint on Your Car during Winter

Winter’s not over yet, and neither is winter weather’s potential to damage your car’s paint job. You can keep the elements at bay with these tips.

Use a Soft Brush

When you need to remove snow and ice from your car, use a soft brush near the paint (not the scraper side).

Pressure Wash

If there is a mid-winter warmup, take the opportunity to remove the road grime and salt from your car—including the undercarriage—to prevent corrosion. To rinse and clean away all the grit on wheels and undercarriage, you need to use a high-pressure sprayer. Most DIY car washes give you the option for undercarriage cleaning. At a full-service operation, ask for it specifically.

Use Polymer Wax

Whenever you wash your car, you need to re-apply protection. Polymer wax will create a protective coating against moisture, grime, and salt.

Additional Wax Is Essential

Use of spray wax can offer additional protection of paint. It should be used as a compliment to the polymer wax since it is simple to apply and wipes off faster.

These tips can help keep your car’s paint intact, which helps retain resale value. If you find that winter has already done a number on your paint job, come see us at ABC Paint and Body. We can repair winter scrapes, scratches and corrosion to get your car looking like new.