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Just What Are ASE and I-CAR Certifications?

Many professions, including nursing, hair styling and plumbing, require state licensure before people can practice or go into business. Automotive technicians, however, are not required to have any type of licensure or certification. So how can you tell the difference between a competent and experienced technician and a guy with a wrench who works on cars?

You can look for voluntary industry certifications: ASE and I-CAR. Continue reading

How to Get Top Asking Price for Your Car

Are you spring cleaning your garage in preparation of parking something new in it? If you’re getting ready to sell your car, ABC Paint & Body can help you get top asking price with a new paint job.

Benefits of a New Paint Job

A new paint job will, of course, make your vehicle look newer and in better condition, and that alone can boost the resale value. But there are other benefits to a new paint job you can use to market your vehicle: Continue reading

Limited Edition Color Matching

Choosing the color of your car may have been one of the toughest, most personal decisions when car shopping. So, if your car’s paintwork is scratched, chipped or damage, you want to make sure that repairs can be done without any visible color mismatch. For most vehicle colors, that’s no problem, but what if you have a limited edition color? At ABC Paint and Body, that’s still no problem. Continue reading

Winter Car Noises—What Do They Mean?

Almost no one likes to go out in the cold or drive on snow and ice, but winter driving can actually be helpful. How? Winter conditions can often bring about noises or just make existing noises more noticeable, and those sounds can point to much-needed maintenance.

What Squeaks and Squeals Mean

If your car is making squeaks or squeals that you did not notice in warmer temperatures, your car may be experiencing: Continue reading

Heater Maintenance Isn’t Just for Your Home

checking the air from air ventilation in the car

During the winter, when you are going “over the river and through the woods” to get to all your holiday fiestas, you want your travels to be comfortable…and that means you need a car heater that works. To ensure it does—and before disaster strikes—take your car in for heater maintenance.

Why Your Car Heater May Stop Working

Car heaters can break down for a variety of reasons: Continue reading

RV Repairs and Paint? Check!

Autumn Campground

Many people purchase an RV to head out on the open road and see the country without having to worry about lodging along the way. And, what better time to tour small towns and back roads than when you’re on your way to visit relatives for the holidays? But if your holiday travels end with a crash, where do you take your RV for body repairs? ABC Paint & Body in Las Cruces! Continue reading

Fix Summer Dents and Dings before the Fall Weather Hits

small scratche on a car

No matter how careful we are behind the wheel, dents and dings happen. You scratch the paint with your own keys. That tree branch came out of nowhere! But even though these imperfections seem minor, you need to get them repaired before winter’s chill hits.

Dents and Dings Aren’t Just Cosmetic Issue

Of course, dents and dings detract from your car’s exterior appearance, and that alone can significantly decrease the (resale) value of your car or truck. But the look of your vehicle is not the biggest problem dents and dings present. Continue reading

Do I Need a Paint Job?

hail damage

Hail causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage every year, and quite a bit of the money spent is on new paint jobs. Hail chips away flakes of paint, leaving your car’s structure vulnerable to rust as well as making it look ragged. You’ve invested time and money into your car; you don’t want to risk it becoming damaged, or leave it looking uncared for. But did the hail cause damage that needs a paint job? Continue reading