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Caring for Your Car’s New Paint after a Repair

When you bring your car to ABC Paint & Body for collision repair, our experience and attention to detail ensure that your car looks as good as new. So, how can you keep it looking that way? We have a few tips to keep your car’s new paint job looking beautiful. As the city’s largest independently owned auto body shop, we know a thing or two about protecting your car’s shiny, new paint. We suggest that you:
  • Be gentle with your new paint job
    It takes 30 to 60 days for a new paint job to fully cure. That means your car may be more vulnerable to chips and scratches that, when fully cured, your clear coat can protect against. You obviously can’t keep your car at home and beg for rides for a month or two, but you can plan your routes to avoid the most paint-damaging road hazards, such as rough or gravel roads and construction zones.
  • Wash your car by hand for at least three months
    A powered car wash is too strong for your new paint job. Wash your car by hand with gentle detergent formulated for car washing and microfiber cloth or clean, soft sponges.
    Wash your car in the shade or on a cloudy with and dry thoroughly with soft towels. It is important not to leave water spots as the mineral buildup can damage the new paint.
    Also, do not over-wash your car (one wash every three months is sufficient) and in between washes, do not brush dust from your car with your hand or a cloth. The small particles could abrade the new paint.
  • Keep your car in the garage
    Damaging UV rays from the sun cause fading and cracking, which is the opposite of what you want for your new paint. Protecting your car’s paint from the sun means keeping it covered—in a garage, carport or, at the very least, in the shade. However, do try to avoid parking under trees that drop a lot of sap and/or where birds perch and leave droppings on your car as those contaminants deteriorate your clear coat and paint.
  • Get your car professionally detailed
    If everyday driving has coated your fresh paint with a layer of dust and grime, and you want to restore the fresh-out-of-the-body-shop gleam inside and out, invest in professional detailing. Our detailers will ensure your vehicle is gleaming without damaging any body and/or paint work you’ve recently had done.
Protecting your car’s new paint after a repair will help you protect your investment for years to come. And if you need any further information, contact ABC Paint & Body and let our skilled team help you out!

The Collision Repair Process

Getting into an auto accident is stressful enough. You don’t want to add more hassle and stress by being without your vehicle longer than absolutely necessary or risking poor quality repairs that just cause more problems later.

ABC Paint & Body offers top-quality repairs and customer service. We are completely transparent about our repair process, so you know what to expect every step of the way.

Step One: The Estimate
When you bring or have your car towed to us, we will do a full inspection of the damage and provide an estimate for repair. Estimates are free, and Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Car Care

Spring is almost here, but winter isn’t quite over yet—there’s always a chance for one last snowstorm or sudden temperature dips that can deflate your tires. So, now is the time to prepare your car for spring while still ensuring you can take that last bit of whatever winter throws at you. Here’s what the pros at ABC Paint & Body suggest:

  • Check and Replace Fluid Levels

During a winter storm or a wet spring day is not the time to find out that you’re leaking fluids. And in less-than-optimal driving conditions, especially, leaking brake fluid means danger while Continue reading

The Wintertime AC Trick You Probably Don’t Know About

Even during mild Las Cruces winters, you don’t need your AC. But, did you know that your AC can still be useful in the winter…as a defroster? Your AC is effective for windshield defrosting with or without your heated defroster on.

Frost and Your Windshield

You don’t need to defrost your windshield every morning it’s cold—only on mornings when there has been enough moisture in the air to collect and freeze on your windshield. Continue reading

Regular or Premium: Which Fuel Is Right for My Car?

Every time you go to the pump, you are faced with something of a dilemma—regular or premium? You want to pay less, of course, but is that going to cost you in the long run?

To find the right fuel for your car, you have to consider more than price.

Understanding the Difference in Fuel Grades

Most gas pumps in the US have three different grades—regular, midgrade and premium (sometimes call Ultra, Super Ultra, Super Premium or something similar). These grades are based on the Continue reading

How to Stay Safe When You Have Car Trouble

It’s everyone’s nightmare—car trouble, especially in traffic…or the cold. Your goal is to keep yourself and your passengers safe, and that typically requires avoiding other motorists and unexpected obstacles that may come along. ABC Paint & Body has a few tips to keep you safe when your car fails:

1. Ease Out of Traffic

Take your foot off the gas pedal but don’t Continue reading

Cold Weather Car Prep 101

It won’t be long before nighttime temps dip below freezing and daytime temperatures just don’t get the chill out like they used to. With winter on the way, now is the time to prepare your car for cold weather to prevent safety and maintenance issues. At ABC Paint & Body, we think the most important preparations you need to make are for: Continue reading

Roadkill Accident? We Can Clean and Repair Your Car

It’s getting to be the time of year when the weather gets cooler and twilight comes earlier—the time of year that animals come out of hiding and are often seen too late on roadways.

Accidents that leave roadkill and car damage increase in the fall. If you’ve had the misfortune of running into a critter, you can count on ABC Paint & Body to clean up and repair the damage. Continue reading

What to Do If Insurance Won’t Cover Your Collision Repair

Following most accidents, particularly those involving you and another driver, insurance gets involved. Usually, a claim is filed with the at-fault party’s insurer, adjusters assess the damage, a check is cut and then you get the necessary repairs. But what happens when insurance won’t cover your collision repair costs? ABC Paint & Body has some ideas to help you restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition when you’re footing the bill.

Why Insurance May Not Cover Your Claim

There are a number of reasons why you could be paying out-of-pocket for collision repairs. Insurance may not cover your claim if: Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons to Choose ABC Paint & Body for Your Collision Repair Shop

Any auto body shop can technically fix collision damage, but that doesn’t mean that all shops are created equal. When you need auto body repair, ABC Paint & Body is your best choice because do the “behind the scenes” work to ensure the best repair results and customer experience.

#1: Advanced Technology and Certifications

Today’s cars are not built like your dad’s or your grandad’s car, so they can’t be fixed like classic vehicles. Modern vehicle repair requires advanced technology and the know-how to use it. ABC Paint & Body has both. We invest in the most recent technological developments so that our shop has the right tools and diagnostic equipment. We also invest in our technicians’ training…and we have the I-CAR and ASE certifications to prove it.

#2: Easy Repair Process

We have yet to meet a single person who likes paperwork or looks forward to spending time on the phone to navigate the claims process with their insurance company. At ABC Paint & Body, we do everything we can to minimize those unpleasant tasks.

We offer free estimates, which can be delivered paperlessly to your insurance company. We can also help you complete the claims process to expedite your repairs.

#3: Local and Independent

There’s nothing wrong with a national auto paint chain, per se. It’s just that when you go to them, you’re not likely to get the personalized service you can expect from a small, locally-owned businesses like ABC Paint & Body.

We are part of the Las Cruces community. Our customers are our neighbors. And we keep our neighbors happy. Just ask them!

And, the money you spend here, stays here.

If you need quality collision repair or auto paint, you don’t need to look any further than ABC Paint & Body. Contact us to get started with a free estimate.

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